LJ Suzuki, Financial & Operations Specialist

I’m on a mission to provide worry free accounting and financial services to entrepreneurs and small businesses.

I started CFOshare because I’m passionate about growing small businesses. I do this by outsourcing my accounting and financial expertise.

As your trusted advisor, I help pinpoint challenges and risks. Plus, I teach you the hidden secrets of your company’s financials so you can make informed decisions.

Let me be the bridge between you and the numbers. Together, let’s make your money work for you so you can achieve your dreams.

LJ Suzuki

Matthew Draymore, Financial Analyst

I’m here to help check financials off your "To Do" list.


If Excel makes you cringe or your models are an embarrassment, I’m your guy. Around the greater Denver area, I have built pro formas and complex models for startups, taught financial theory at accelerators, and analyzed companies for investor groups. I use my unique vantage point to help business owners effectively communicate numbers and strategy to all your stakeholders – and I’m looking forward to helping you do the same!

Matthew Draymore

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Finance & Accounting

CFOshare is your trusted partner to outsource your accounting and financial needs. Leverage our talent pool of accountants and financial advisors. We’ll provide you with strategic insight and monthly support at a fraction of the cost of a full-time hire.

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Speaking & Consulting

Invite CFOshare to your next event. LJ Suzuki is passionate about teaching business finance in plain English, not accounting jargon. He travels the country speaking and consulting with business owners and key stakeholders on all matters finance and strategy.

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A Community Partner

CFOshare is dedicated to serving startups and emerging tech companies. Our team provide mentorship and support to several local accelerators. Here are some of the innovative organizations we support:

Rockies Venture Club (RVC)

Denver Public Schools Imaginarium

Boomtown in Boulder


The Commons on Champa

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Every day, CFOshare provides honest, unbiased financial advice to entrepreneurs and small businesses. We’d be honored to partner with you too.

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