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CFOshare provides unbiased, honest financial advice to entrepreneurs and small businesses. When you work with us, here’s what you can expect.

Success Story - Bookkeeping

When Dave started his small business, he thought he could do it all – including his books. After several frustrating years crunching numbers in Excel, he finally outsourced his bookkeeping to CFOshare. Within 30-days, LJ and his team had linked his e-commerce platform to Quickbooks providing automated, instant, and easy accounting. Outsourcing this task saved Dave dozens of hours of frustrating busy work, freeing him to focus on growing his business instead.

Success Story - Startup CFO

Two co-founders of a startup company reached out to CFOshare for advice. They were ready to raise seed funding, but didn’t know how to get started. Both knew their technology and market inside and out, but had no education in finance. Tasks like building pro formas, projecting profitability, calculating CAC and LTV metrics, or knowing fair valuation were beyond the free help their advisors offered.

Within 15 days, LJ helped them translate their vision into a financial model: The Believable Pro Forma. Together, they reviewed their metrics in-depth which empowered them to defend their financials and confidently answer investor questions.

Success Story - Fractional CFO

The owner of a local manufacturer recently reached out to CFOshare after a sudden downturn in business. Company turmoil had put him in a cash crisis, making it almost impossible to pay debt as well as his employees and suppliers. His operations had stalled and revenue was plummeting, fast.

LJ pulled his financial resources together to get a line of credit. He used financial analysis to target new sales opportunities and found innovative ways to stop late deliveries. Lastly, he used real-time reporting to find operational efficiencies to increase margins and volume. Within six months, the manufacturer returned to profitability.

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