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CFO Shares provides unbiased, honest financial advice to entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Outsource your services at a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee. Flexible, hourly pricing means you only pay for what you need!

Fractional CFO Services

Is your business facing a significant change – a pivot in strategy, a lost customer, a new product, massive growth, or a cash crisis?

We can help. We'll provide you with financial insight using:

  •   Data analysis
  •   Strategic assessment
  •   Sales and operations planning
  •   Cash forecasting and budgeting
  •   Other systems proven to boost profitability

Areas Of Expertise

Growth and Strategic Management

Profit Sharing and Employee Retention Strategies

Risk Mitigation for Rapid Growth

Turnaround Management

Debt Refinancing and Restructuring

Our Team

CFOshare has an experienced team of financial professionals specializing in merger acquisition, strategic succession, and exit planning. We’ll match you with qualified analysts to assist with short and long-term projects as well as monthly support.

How We Shine

The owner of a local manufacturer recently reached out to CFOshare after a sudden downturn in business. Company turmoil had put him in a cash crisis, making it almost impossible to pay debt as well as his employees and suppliers. His operations had stalled and revenue was plummeting, fast.

LJ pulled his financial resources together to get a line of credit. He used financial analysis to target new sales opportunities and found innovative ways to stop late deliveries. Lastly, he used real-time reporting to find operational efficiencies to increase margins and volume. Within six months, the manufacturer returned to profitability.

You need and deserve excellence too! When you partner with CFOshare, here’s what you can expect

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